How to add tipping to your Shopify store

Adding a tipping option is a marketing campaign that you usually see inside of in-person or brick and Mortar stores especially in the food industry. With the shift that COVID brought, it became a way to help support small businesses and restaurants to keep going and now with the use of Shopify you are able to add it on your store.

This is a new feature that Shopify has added in just the most recent months to allow store owners to accept tips directly through their checkout.

In this blog, we will break down the steps to quickly add a tipping option to your Shopify checkout.

Watch this tutorial instead:

Step #1- Login to your Shopify store (00:34)

Once you log into your store, you should be at the dashboard of your shop.

Step #2- Open the settings menu for your Shopify store (00:41)

On the lower left hand side of your screen you should see \”Settings\”which will open your store\’s settings menu and click Checkout. This is where all of our customer checkout options are housed.

Step #3- Enable Tipping (01:00)

Then scroll down to tipping the tipping section, to enable tipping you need to click \”Show tipping options at checkout. This will show our availability to be able to accept tips from our customers.

Step #4 – Optional: Show tip options to customers (01:13)

Enabling this will allow pre-determined tip amounts to be shown to your customers during the checkout screen of your store.

Step #5- Check out your Checkout page (01:45)

Go to your store and add a product to your shopping cart, then go through the steps of adding in customer and shipping information. This will bring you to the last step where they put in their card information, you should see the Add Tip right above the \”Payment\” box.

Things to note when using tipping

  • Customers can opt-out of sending a tip
  • The tip will be added to their subtotal so it will be subject to credit card fees
  • All tips that are collected in your store will be added to the \”Tip\” report under Analytics.
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