AI Tools For Non-Techies

AI tools for Non-Techies

Artificial intelligence or AI tools and resources are trending everywhere, especially in the business and entrepreneurship industry. Using AI in your business can be extremely helpful if you know how to use it without hurting your business or brand.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of computer science that programs large language modes that perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

How can I use AI in my business?

You can use AI in several ways, such as:

  • Content creation ideas
  • Reels/TikTok/Youtube video ideas
  • Research for a target audience
  • Analyze data
  • Creating publishing calendars
  • Creating social media captions and much more

The Disadvantages of AI

AI is a great thing for solopreneurs and small business owners, allowing them to expand and increase output, but when used incorrectly, it can cause plagiarism, copyright/trademark issues, and generic outputs. To combat this, make sure you’re using an AI output as a starting point, which means generating and making ideas your own. It may sound like extra work, but it is an extra step to protect you and your brand from any legal issues in the future.

It is still a learning tool and will only be able to give you outputs with the information it has.

Tools to implement AI in your business today

Here are three AI Business tools for non-techies you can get started with easily:


Nichees is an AI copywriting generator that removes barriers for every subject, including social media, business names, text rewriting, and over 150 more.

Highlight Features

Multi-AI Tool

Most AI tools focus on one type of generation. Still, Nichesss tackles art, text, prompts, video, and long-form editing effortlessly.

Chrome Extension 

With Nichesss’s Chrome extension, using keyword research tools such as:

You can find potential keywords and click “Write,” Nichees will generate content pieces and buckets for your topic.

WordPress Intergration

Generate a 1,000+ word blog post with the 1-click post; create a title for your blog, how many sections are in the blog, if you would like a FAQ section, and choose which blog you would like it sent to. In addition to the post settings, you can select the tone you would like the article in, any tags/ keywords, and the point of view for writing. 

Once you have your settings, Niches generates an outline, and once approved, you receive your article drafted onto your selected WordPress blog.


You can now secure a lifetime plan on Appsumo for $59. You can also add a monthly plan for $9/month if you need additional images, long-form generations, and video credits.


Your audio content workflow AI partner

Castmagic has perfected audio content production for any podcaster and YouTube. With one upload, you can create up to 100+ pieces of content for you to use in various parts of your business, including emails, blog posts, threads, video scripts, quotes, and highlights to use in social media posts.

The interface of Castmagic is very user-friendly, and they even have prompts for what generations, so you can take the guesswork out of crafting prompts.

Recently, they updated their platform with additional features that allow users to choose a preset of prompts for your show upload. They have podcasts, YouTube, meetings, coaching, sales calls, and customer research prompts.

Highlight Features

Automated Transcription

After uploading audio and videos or syncing your RSS Feed, your audio is transcribed, filler words removed, and speakers are labeled in minutes. Once complete, you can edit text and update speakers, download SRT files, text, or CSV file formats to add captions to any additional tools. You can also create audio/ video clips from the transcript for sharing or add to additional content pieces.

Magic Chat

Aside from the AI prompts included in the presets during setup, each recording has a magic chat where you can enter prompts to generate additional types of content or help generate new ideas.

Castmagic Pages

One of the recent updates of Castmagic is Pages; using your recording, you can select up to 5 recordings to generate long-form 3,000+ word pieces from a prompt like magic chat.


When deciding on a plan for Castmagic, they are tiered based on the number of minutes included for upload. Starting at $23/month, the hobby plan consists of 300 minutes and limited prompts, which is great for content creators with a weekly show.

The starting and rising star plans are great for content creators with multiple projects with unlimited prompts.

Canva Docs

Canva is a widely used graphic design software that integrates AI more into the platform. Canva doc is a visual first document that allows you to generate long-form, visual, and short-form generators.

Highlight Features

Magic Write

When creating a new doc, describe what you need for the OpenAI-based magic write. It generates the info to the doc that you can edit and build on.


Canva Docs also allows you to bring your designs into a doc quickly. It has the same interface as the regular Canva editor. Still, it expands with tables, checklists, graphs, and charts you can customize with your data.

 Access and Collaboration

Canva is top tier when it comes to access and collaboration items. You can invite anyone to work on your design with just their email, and you can start working collectively on a design. You can publish every design in website form, present it, or download it as a PDF.


If you are currently a Canva Pro user, you can access docs with 500 uses per month. You can utilize docs with limited uses and features for new or free users.

While AI may seem daunting and technical, many user-friendly tools are available for non-techies. These listed tools offer a range of benefits for businesses and individuals alike, from automating tasks to providing valuable insights and predictions. With the increasing availability and ease of use of AI tools, it is clear that this technology will continue to shape and improve many aspects of our lives. As non-techies, staying informed and open to utilizing AI tools to enhance our work and daily routines is essential.

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