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How to Use LinkPop by Shopify | Shopify Tools 2022

Have you got a product in your Shopify store and want to share it on Instagram and other social media platforms? LinkPop can help! This all-in-one tool will help you share products, videos, and more with a single link. Built by Shopify with the consumer and shop owner in mind – plus you don\’t have to be a Shopify customer to use it.

How to Remove your Shopify Password Page

You have added your products, made your theme perfect and now you are ready to launch your new site to the world, but where is the launch button on Shopify?
This is how you remove that page from your store and make your website accessible.

How to add Amazon-like upsell recommendations to Shopify

If you have an online store, you should be utilizing upsell recommendations to help increase your average order amount. In this blog, we learn how to use Upsell Recommendations and Upsells to increase sales and revenue for your Shopify store.

How to add Personalization options to your Shopify Store

One popular service that customers love is personalized products; adding a name, nickname, or favorite color goes a long way and gets them excited to go through and make the purchase. Adding this to your store means that you need to have a place for them to add text or images. And that it\’s attached to the order for you to organize and fulfill properly.

How to find your current Shopify plan

Since the beginning of the year, Shopify has added a couple of updates to the Shopify admin. And one of them is moving the Shopify plan, so that you can easily find the information you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

How to create a $20 or less collection on Shopify

Making your products easy for your visitors to find is crucial in the online shopping world; adding collections that hold products by a set color, price, or style is a great way to help. In this tutorial, we will go through how to create a collection that holds products priced at $20 or less.

How to add tipping to your Shopify store

Adding a tipping option is a marketing campaign that you usually see inside of in-person or brick and Mortar stores, primarily in the food industry. With the shift that COVID brought, it became a way to help support small businesses and restaurants to keep going, and now with the use of Shopify, you can add it to your store.

How to use Shopify Gift Cards

Holidays, birthdays even hashtag holidays means git giving, one popular gift to give is gift cards. With Shopify, you are able to offer gift cards easily.

How to navigate Shopify Analytics

With each customer, you never see the journey they take to complete a sale. You only know once you hear that Shopify cash register ring or receive an email. Your analytics give you insight that you wouldn\’t otherwise have