How to use Shopify Gift Cards

Holidays, birthdays even hashtag holidays means git giving, one popular gift to give is gift cards. With Shopify, you are able to offer gift cards easily.

How to navigate Shopify Analytics

With each customer, you never see the journey they take to complete a sale. You only know once you hear that Shopify cash register ring or receive an email. Your analytics give you insight that you wouldn\’t otherwise have

How to use Shopify Buy Buttons

With any Shopify plan, you have access to the \”Buy Button\” sales channel. If you have an external website or a blog, you can use Shopify buy buttons to embed your products. They display product photos, descriptions, and pricing letting customers purchase products from where they are plus all sales route to your Shopify dashboard so you never miss an order.

How to use Shopify Email

With every eCommerce platform, you need to utilize email marketing. Using email marketing effetely you can have sales coming in with each campaign that you send out- which is definitely a goal.

Shopify email is included in the Shopify platform located under the Marketing navigation tab.