Choosing Printful for your Print-on-Demand shop

What Is Print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand is a process of creating a design for a product you intend to sell, sending it to a fulfillment provider that completes the shipping and delivers your product to the hands of your valued customers.

That’s what Printful is.

You create your design, select your products, integrate your website with Printful and your orders come right to Printful for fulfillment and shipping. They take care of your orders, customer service, and refunds in case it’s ever needed.

It makes it extremely easy to start selling your custom products right away. With no upfront costs, Printful provides you with the tools to get your product for your customers to view.

Choosing Printful

There’s a ton of print-on-demand providers available, and Printful is one that has been in existence since 2013. It has excellent reviews as it continues to provide service above and beyond, making it an excellent choice for starting your print-on-demand shop. 

It has over 13 collections filled with products that you may choose from to add your design to sell. All you need is a Printful account, a website/marketplace account, and your first design.  

You may start selling within an hour from getting started, and only pay once you make an order, then your order starts to process.

Outside of your fees, your profit is deposited into your account, and that’s it! Your profit is determined by the price of your product – fees = your profit

Learn more about pricing your items

Who Printful Is For

Printful is great for e-commerce sellers, artists, musicians, designers and all who are looking to create a print-on-demand shop. That’s the great thing about them; they make it so easy to get started no matter your skill level. 

Printful Features And Integrations

Of course, they provide you print-on-demand services, so you don’t have to worry about minimum orders. It doesn’t matter if you have one order coming in or a thousand. They will take care of it the same. Looking past just the actual product, you are able to completely brand your products, so they only show your brand name. You may add your logo to your inside labels, outside label, and sleeves, giving you a complete white label opportunity for your brand.

They also offer graphic design services and ensure your design is print-ready.

Integrations With Printful

If you have made the decision to get started with Printful, you will need to choose an integration to sell your products with Printful which has about 20 integrations available for you. The following are the 3 types of integrations that you can use to connect and start selling.

  • E-commerce platforms: When choosing an e-commerce platform to host your products, there is a couple of things to factor in: price, setup time, and connection.

  • Online marketplaces: There is an added benefit in choosing an online marketplace. Yes, you get to sell your products on it, but you get the search engine of that marketplace to drive traffic for you.

  • API: This is mainly for developers and large corporations looking to integrate with Printful. You will need a developer to complete this integration, but it will allow your orders to automatically sync with Printful.


Get started with Printful now to start selling your products. If you’re looking for help, make sure you take advantage of my free masterclass series, creating a passive income with Printful.

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