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This blog is a part of a series: Choosing the right platform for your business

Wix is a drag and drop website builder with over 50 themes available for users to use in there website building. You are able to create a functional and beautiful website without the high price tag of a website designer.

Wix caters to all business types so you will have no issue trying to get started with Wix.


Wix is great for members and DIY’ers without any design experience, with just choosing a website template, adding your brand colors, adding your content and click publish. You don’t have to worry about creating a website from scratch, you can easily get started and publish in a hour.

Service-based businesses and product based businesses will do well with the Wix platform becasue they have a lot of tools built into the platform that cater to those business types. You are able to book appointments, buy event tickets and sell products without having to leave the platform.


Wix has very transparent pricing, the major difference between their pricing plans is: Website or Business/E-commerce plans.

If you plan on accepting payments for payments for deposits or products, you will need to choose a e-commerce plan.

If your appointment payments will be charged with a third party or you don’t need to take payments on your website you can choose a website plan.

For website plans, starting at $11 a month you can remove the Wix ads and connect your own domain for the very basics. In just starting out with your website the best plan to start out with is the unlimited plan. Going up in the Wix website plans, you will notice you receive an events calendar, professional logo, social media logo files and VIP support. If you have an existing brand, then the unlimited plan will suffice.

With a business/e-commerce plan, you are able to sell products and accept online bookings with no transaction fee from Wix. The 3 business plans are similar to the website plans, there are 4 differences: the amount of storage available, amount of video hours, design services and VIP support. The plan you choose will determine the amount of storage needed for your website.

The pricing that is shown for the plans are the annual pricing if you want to pay monthly the pricing will go up. But at any time you can switch to an annual plan for the displayed pricing.


Like other platforms, Wix has many features such as online booking and e-commerce stores.

Outside of the included features, Wix gives you an app market to expand the functions of your website. Based on the type of website you are looking to build, you can add different elements to your website through app. There are free and premium options to choose from, and can be installed with a click of a button.

Some popular apps to add are:

  • Wix Events

  • Wix Calendars

  • Wix Bookings

  • Wix Blog


I hope this helped give you an insight into the Wix platform and helped you make a decision on the platform you will choose for your business. I have created some resources for Wix users that help navigate and expand the use of the platform.

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