DIY’ing your Shopify store? Start with this theme

The Shopify theme for solopreneurs seeking to build a profitable and engaging shop without the hassle

Have you thought of starting a Shopify store to sell your products, but can’t seem to make it past the theme portion? I got your back!

In building a Shopify store, starting the 14-day trial is the first BIG step. You have 14 days to get your store up, running, and selling before you dish out the $27 for the plan. But the idea of “building a website” isn’t appealing, and must be stopping you from even hitting the free trial button.

If this is you, let’s get ready to start your dream store right away! Start prepping your products, taking your pictures, finding some stock photos. Get them all ready because I found the answer to your theme issue.

It’s called Debutify.


Debutify is a plug-and-play Shopify theme that is free with premium add-on features. What sets it apart from the other free themes in the Shopify store its foundation–it is built with your valuable customers in mind. 

Debutify has created a theme whose premium features are already included, unlike other platforms in need of external apps to accomplish. This theme is ready to go with very little setup needed; all you need is to customize it to match your store and start selling right away. This is a great theme for getting started with your Shopify store when you don’t want to mess with building a website from “scratch”.


Simple, anyone.

This theme wasn’t built for a specific industry; it was built to turn your customers into sales. It was optimized for the best customer experience with a bunch of desired features already added without an additional price to worry about.

Looking to sell one item, it’s for you.

Selling dropshipping items? It’s for you.

Selling your own products, yep. It’s for you too.

Having a theme that is optimized for conversions instead of a particular industry or product category size makes it easy to get started without having to find a way to “fit” in a box. 


With so many themes in the Shopify theme store, your choices are endless. But you will pay for those endless choices with most themes running from $69 to $200 as they help certain looks and industries.

This isn’t the case with Debutify. I looked over its features and style on its website, and I can vouch for the fact that it is indeed built for conversions. But I was intrigued to know how it would actually work once it is applied on the Shopify store: would it be easy to set up or a little complicated? You may have encountered pretty demo sites before, and see how nice they are, but then you actually get them on your store, all that prettiness is gone and its left to you to figure out how to build it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how they actually laid out the Debutify theme. Once you add it to your store, it, of course, is a skeleton–but not an overwhelming skeleton. The layout is kept intact from the demo store, so you may place them side by side, without having to “rebuild” it. As someone who has worked on over 300+ stores without a theme, I can say this is definitely convenient to add and customize to your very own preference.


This theme has so many features: free and premium ones.

With the free plan, you receive the theme (whose actual value is $180), inclusive of layouts, reviews, videos, Instagram feed, drawer menu, and guarantee bar. This is everything you need to get started with selling to increase your sales. You have the choice to upgrade or downgrade plans with no issue to worry about.

Meanwhile, the premium features start at $15 a month, which is still cheaper than purchasing the add-on features through third-party apps. All the add-ons are created by Debutify, further minimizing your worry about theme or app compatibility and updates. 

On the bigger picture, each pricing tier has access to different add-ons. The Starter plan ($15) provides you with add-to-cart animation, cart countdown, and chatbox. The Hustler plan ($47/month) includes the full 22+ current and future add-ons, including the delivery time, FAQ page, Instagram feed, live view, sales countdown, mega menu and up-sell pop up. This is an amazing price for over 22 additional features as some of the add-ons on the Shopify app store cost $47 alone. 

And if you are that entrepreneur who has more than one store, the deal for you is: the Guru plan ($97/month), inclusive of 3 store licenses, so you can have the theme and the add-ons on three different Shopify stores without having to pay for additional plans.

With the Guru plan, you also get some great bonuses to help with the growth of your store. You are entitled to receive 4 courses from Ricky Hayes, the co-creator of Debutify, private one-on-one mentoring Facebook group, and 10 free weekly winning products to help grow your Shopify success.

Here is a complete breakdown for the pricing plans available, but if you would like to try it out for yourself, they give a 7-day free trial for the premium features to test it out.


Here’s a video walkthrough I did on the Debutify theme:


After getting the chance to install this theme, and test the premium features, I found it great for any DIY Shopify store owner. It definitely does exactly what it is supposed to do. Upon adding the theme and the features, I didn’t experience a delay in page load time, assuring us of satisfactory service as a part of the customer agreement. 

Finally, I highly recommend this theme to both non-techies, and experienced Shopify store users seeking to get started with selling on Shopify with much less hassle. Since I am going to, of course, continue using this theme in the stores I own and work with, I will do an update later as new features are added and integrations become available.


Alright, here’s the link for getting started with Debutify! 


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