The Client Management Tool for Solopreneurs: Dubsado

Imagine a world where everything you need to run your service-based business is all in one place–all your proposals, contracts, and questionnaires connecting without the need for a third-party. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Good thing, it can now be more than our imagination. As a solopreneur, we have to keep up with every aspect of business, including contracts, payments, timelines, and email management. Now, you could very well stitch together various apps and triggers on Zapier to complete what you need… Too time-consuming?

There is a better way.

It’s called Dubsado.


Dubsado is a business management tool built for solopreneurs in mind., With so many features, it can help you keep everything in track for your business without it being all over the place

It houses your appointments, workflows, document signing, and payments in one place to help create a seamless flow for your clients.


Anyone who provides services for clients can benefit from creating an account with Dubsado. If you require proposal approval, contracts signed, appointments booked, and invoices paid, this is definitely for you.


Dubsado has a number of features that any business owner would need to run a successful business, outside of providing the actual service. You will have the ability to automate a good portion of your customer on board without feeling bogged down. Their features are broken down into 6 main sections: client management, contracts & forms, automation, get paid, scheduling, and accounting & reporting.

With client management, you can break your clients up by project, create lead forms for your website, create client portals, and track you time for clients right from Dubsado.

It allows you to track everything for that one client inside of a project, including tasks, calendars, and payments. It gives you a central place to get a bird’s eye view of your client.

Your contracts & forms that you need in your business are housed here. You may choose among the templates to customize or build from scratch then add smart fields to auto-populate them automatically for your clients. You also get to store your e-signatures, send proposals & quotes, build questionnaires, and make it all your own with custom branding.

Another important feature is automation. With new clients, steps are often repeated across the board. You may now build in an automation sequence to send to your new valued clients.

You can automatically send forms, emails, invoices, and triggers for a project without you having to send it every time including follow-ups and reminder emails so you can get what you need before you even have to log in.

Everyone needs to get paid. With Dubsado, it’s made really easy to send invoices without additional fees and much hassle. You have the option to take quick payments, set up payment schedules with your projects, add recurring invoices, and send overdue reminders. For taking payments, you are able to integrate Stripe, Square or Paypal plus add Quickbooks for tax purposes. Double win.

If you take appointments with your clients for your services, then you can benefit from the scheduling features in Dubsado. Your clients have the freedom to book time with you based on the calendar set by you. You may send questionnaires, proposals, and forms when your client’s book an appointment, take deposits or full payments, and integrate it with your calendar, so you stay updated. Once you set up your schedule, you my go ahead and embed it on your website to start taking in new requests.

Last but definitely not the least is accounting & reporting. With one click, you may view your income and expenses, and profit & loss records; set your financial goal; and see a bird’s eye view of your business health. This allows you to see your outstanding invoices, view where your leads are coming from, and monitor the amount of revenue generated from your leads.


Dubsado has very transparent pricing available for you to get started with them. You have not only two but three options: free trial, monthly and yearly plan.

With each plan, you will receive all of the features I mentioned plus any upcoming that will be added later on. If you plan on using the free trial to get your feet wet, then you can have up to 3 clients with no time limit. So you have a way to test how easy it is to use the platform without the pressure of a time limit, I do suggest taking the time to set up Dubsado before adding your first client so you can get the full experience (If you are looking for help with getting started, I got your back! I have a mini-course for you here.)  

With the paid plans, you can have unlimited clients and projects, plus your first 3 team members are free. If you need to have more than 3, you may add up to 30 starting at $25, and if you have multiple businesses that you would love to use Dubsado with, you may add additional “brands” for only $10 a month.


Get started with Dubsado today with your free trial, plus get 20% off when you switch to a paid plan with my link!


Plus, grab my “Mastering Dubsado” course for $1 right now to get a jumpstart on your automation and client onboarding 


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