Ep 12 Building Funnels Series: Lead Generation

Welcome back to another episode of the code and coffee talk with Jess. This episode is apart of the series :building funnels. This series goes over the different types of funnels/ systems you should have running in your business. Each funnel has a single goal that is being accomplished along with a complete breakdown of each. This series is designed to help solopreneurs and side hustlers create systems in their business that automate the tasks needed.

This series has covered appointment booking, on boarding funnels and promoting a feature service/product. This week we will be covering building a lead generation funnel. If you didn’t listen to the previous episodes I encourage you to start at Ep 8 to help gain an understanding of funnels and the previous types explained.

Now let’s get started

This week’s episode will cover building a lead generation funnel. Last week I went over building a feature service/ product funnel where it was an email based system. This funnel will work the same except we will also focus on how to get those subscribers to your list then build out a automation to nurture your new subscribers.

The goal of this funnel is to take your website visitors off of your website and into your email list where you don’t have to figure out how to get back on your website. You are invited to educate and market to them as soon as they give you their email address.

First we will need a piece of content that will be used to build out the funnel. If you are struggling with creating a content upgrade, take a look at your social and blog analytics. Look for post types about a certain topic that had increased engagement or a blog post on your website that is getting consistent traffic. With that think about how to create more value that can be put into a worksheet, ebook or checklist. It takes about 5 mins to build a checklist in Canva but that 5 mins of work will send you passive leads to your email list. Take the time to get it done and don’t overthink it. For example, this series, I originally did a podcast on 5 different types and receives so many questions and comments on it that I decided to break it down step by step, add a resource guide to help with the execution and a course with a masterclass to help you get your funnels done and making you money.

Once we have our goal figured out and our content upgrade, you will need to have the right tools, for this funnel you will need to have your email marketing provider for this. There is also a video walkthrough of this funnel which you can find in the shownotes.

Now let’s break down this final:

Step one is to set up the list in your email marketing provider. This list is where the subscriber will live who were interested in this type of content or category. For example for my Wix resource guide, you are put on a list with Wix category so that you receive the information related to that platform. If I run a promotion that is targeted towards Wix users than I can send it to that list.   

Step two, create your automation and download email. Once your list is created you will go and create an automation that triggers when subscribers are added to this list.

Step three, create an email that includes a tripwire offer. A tripwire offer is something that is a no-brainer sale. Something that is low cost, lower than $10. Most tripwires are checklist, swipe files, Trello boards and trainings that you can’t get anywhere else. Just make sure it that it connects to your freebie.

Step four, create an email that upsells a related service or resource at an amazing price that can’t be passed up. The tripwire was a low cost price point, so it wasn’t a huge deal, your upsell should include the entire system. If you created an upgrade for email marketing, then your tripwire could be email templates that can be reused for $7, and the up sell maybe the service of putting together a strategy for your email list or executing the email marketing strategy.

Step five is to add your content upgrade sign up form onto your website. This will give your visitors access to the freebie from the blog post or landing page. You can create the signup form through your email marketing provider or website platform if it connects to your email marketing platform.

Step six, turn on your automation and start promoting. Add your sign up box to different related blog posts or social posts, turn on your email automation and start marketing your new upgrade.

Recap steps

This wraps up the Lead generation funnel! Let me know if this helped and if you have any questions. You can comment on the show notes or send me a DM on instagram + Facebook @jesstechpreneur. Don’t forget to check out the shownotes for this episode to get the links for the tools listed in this episode.

Till Next time

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