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Why choose Square?

Ease of Use

All-in-one solutions for payment processing, point-of-sale, inventory management, and more

Ability to Scale

Tools that grow with your business, from a single mobile reader to a complete retail setup

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and options to start for free

Types of Businesses that Can Use Square

Restrictions apply to some business types

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Retail Businesses

From boutique shops to large retailers, Square’s point-of-sale system and inventory management tools help you keep track of sales, manage stock, and analyze trends.

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Restaurants & Cafes

With Square for Restaurants, streamline your orders, manage tables, and offer online delivery or pickup. Integrated solutions for payments and kitchen management make operations smooth.

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Service-Based Businesses

For consultants, freelancers, and service providers, Square Appointments and Square Invoices simplify booking and billing. Keep track of client appointments and send professional invoices with ease.

E-Commerce Businesses

Set up a robust online store with Square Online, integrated with your inventory and sales system. Manage everything from products to shipping with an intuitive platform designed for small and medium businesses.

Benefits of using Square

Check out our Square guide to dive more into the platform

Integrated Ecosystem

Manage your business operations seamlessly with a unified platform that connects your sales, inventory, and customer data

Easy Payment Processing

Accept various payment methods with competitive processing fees, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments

Flexible Hardware Solutions

Choose from a range of hardware options that fit your business needs, from simple card readers to full-featured POS systems

Customer Relationship Management

Build and nurture customer relationships with tools like Square Loyalty, Marketing, and Feedback, designed to keep your customers engaged and satisfied

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