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It is a flexible business solution tool that works with different portions of your business like an online store, POS system, and payment processing. 

Internal Tools your business can use


Using Square appointments, you not only have a way to book your clients but you can:

  • Utilize Square messaging so you can message your customers directly from one place
  • Track time and bill via Invoices
  • Automatically create customer profiles where you can store information for each
  • Attach contracts and files to ensure no step is missed from your on-boarding or off-boarding
  • Sell services and products on Instagram 
  • Utilize the Square appointment apps on the go
  • Sell gift cards 


Square has been known for its payment processing for years, but you can now:

  • Use AfterPay for your payments
  • Take installment payments on invoices
  • Take AHC payments on Invoices

Team management

Having a team


If you run a brick-and-mortar business, using Square for Retail gives you everything you need to run your business in-store and online.


Running a restaurant is hard, and finding software to run every aspect on an affordable budget is difficult without Square. ve specific tools available for the running of a food establishment.


Square has two options for POS systems: A mobile phone/tablet app for IOS and Android or an iPad Stand that is fixed to a location.

Looking to learn more about Square? Watch tutorials on the Square platform here

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