How to add Amazon-like upsell recommendations to Shopify

If you run a Shopify store, upsells have a huge potential to increase sales and revenue. This tool is one of the most effective sales tools available for any e-commerce store, but not many store owners know how to take advantage of it. In this blog, we will walkthrough how to add upsell recommendations to Shopify – for free!

What are upselling and cross-selling?

Upselling is convincing customers to purchase additional products that are a good mix to the ones they are currently looking at or have in their cart, Cross-selling is suggesting similar additional products to the one they already have or want.

Amazon is a big user of upsells and cross-sells, if you are looking at hair products they will upsell you tools that you would need in addition to what you\’re looking at. 

It is less expensive to upsell a customer that is already on your site, rather than focusing all efforts on getting customers to your store spend a little more time increasing the AOV of the ones who are purchasing.

AOV or Average order value determines through your historical sales history how much a customer spends in your shop, if you are able to increase this number you will see an increase in profit while maintaining your current marketing efforts.

Now how can you achieve this with your Shopify store?

how to add upsell recommendations to Shopify with Upsell Recommendations Shopify App

This is the only completely free Shopify upsell & cross-sell app that uses data from your store to recommend products to your website visitors based on what others have bought and how they flow through the shop. This Amazon, the more you purchase the more they learn what you may like and what you don’t. It uses the products you browse, buy and search to create these personalized results which help you convert over and over.

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Watch the process

Video Transcript:

[00:00:00] Hey everyone, this is Jess from Non-Techie Entrepreneur. If this is your first time watching, thank you for watching this video. And if you are looking for any other resources on the Shopify platform, don\’t forget to subscribe for future videos and check out the Mastering Shopify playlist where I will go through each step of the Shopify platform for non-techie entrepreneurs. In this video, we will be going over how to add upsells to your Shopify store using the Upsell Recommendation app. 

[00:38:50] For this, we will be using the Booster: Back in Stock Alerts app. So, we will open it up and initially, we see that this is a free app. We\’re able to see the reviews and we\’re going to click add app. This will add this app to our Shopify store. Click install app. 

[00:58:92] And the link to this app is also in the description of this video. And we will click Upsell Recommendations Free. Much like the name says, this is a completely free app that you can use to add upsells, and cross-sells, and personalized recommendations to your customers on your Shopify store. Once we get to the app, we will click add app. This will take us back to our Shopify store to finish installing this app. 

[01:33:52] Here, we will click install app which will authorize upsell recommendations to gather the information that they need to provide our customers with cross, upsells, and personalized recommendations. Once we click that, we will be brought to the Upsell Recommendations page. Here, you will see an overview of Upsell Recommendations where they go over the cost, how many impressions you can have, and how it works which it is automated. It takes you through a section to turn all your widgets and takes you to the design settings. 

[02:19:62] So on the dashboard, you\’ll see a wrap-up summary. This tells you how many impressions it was, how many clicks and how many orders. It gives you a full amount of the revenue that comes from recommended products. And you\’re able to put your upsell, cross-sell recommendations on the home page, product page, and cart page. And if you click here, you will be able to turn those on for them to automatically be installed.

[02:53:63] The next section is design settings, and this is where we will update how the widget will look to our customers.

[03:03:13] You\’re able to show the header, the page name, product price button, and the arrows on mobile, so that they are able to flip through the products you have available. You can set the number of products, how you will like it aligned, and make it look like your store. So, we have the texts that we can update and we have a style part where we can customize the font. We can customize the font-weight, the size to make this look a little bit more like it belongs on our store. So, for our  button colors which is usually a one that we liked to have. You\’ll find the background color. Change it to what you like and it automatically updates the widget for the changes that you have made. 

[04:08:19] Once you\’ve made the changes, you\’ll click save. And you\’ll go to product optimization tips where it\’ll tell you any of the other apps that they have, where you can do product packaging, hot products, inactive products. Where you can install an additional app to help with these parts of your store. Then you\’ll go to recommendation and exit intent popups. So if you will like to use recommendation popups, you can install the app here. 

[04:43:11] And we\’ll come back to our recommendation widgets. 

[04:47:79] And you\’re able to edit the pages that it\’s on. So here it\’s set for intelligent product recommendations. You can also have it show your best-selling products, change the heading, redirect to add to cart, and any custom places that you would like to display the widget, the code for that is hearing you\’ll just click save. 

[05:15:71] So there, now our homepage is set, our product page is set, and our cart page is set. So, once you have completed that and you customize it to how you want. The upsells will now be shown on your Shopify site. 

[05:53:71] So, that is how to install upsell recommendations on your Shopify store. Using the Upsell Recommendations app.

Ready to add upsell recommendations to your store?

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