How to add Personalization options to your Shopify Store

One popular service that customers love is personalized products. Adding a name, nickname, or favorite color goes a long way and gets them excited to go through and make the purchase. Adding this to your store means that you need to have a place for them to add text or images. And that it’s attached to the order for you to organize and fulfill properly.
You can accomplish this with a Shopify app called Infinite Product Options.
This app is by Hulk Apps and it has excellent reviews. I actually use this in a store for a client, and it works flawlessly.


With this plugin, you can set up product option choices for photos and text. You can charge for the options that you allow, so if they go past the set character count, you can charge a certain amount of money for it. There is also an option of having swatches for different fabrics, colors, or any personalization option that you’ll have available for your shop.

You can set an unlimited amount of options for your products. Which is great for engraving, gift wrapping, monogramming, and custom printing. You can also cross-sell your products at the product options of your shop, which makes bundling products easier.


There are three pricing options to choose from when getting started with the Infinite product options app: Free, Pro ($9.99/month), and Enterprise.

If you are just looking to add image or text options to your products, the free plan will cover everything you need. If you are looking to show options based on the customer’s selections (conditional logic), you should start with the Pro plan.

Adding personalization to your Shopify store

Step #1 – Add the Infinite product options app to your store

Head over to Hulk Apps to get started. Click Apps & Themes in the navigation, and then Product Options.

Click \”Install Now\”

Add your Shopify URL (Need help finding it? Watch This) and click install

Step #2- Setup automatic install

Once the app is added to your shop, go to the installation steps and click Install Now.

Click on Automatic Installation and select your active theme.

Step #3- Add your options

In the options menu, click Add New.

Doing so will pop up an add option window where you’ll input the display information and the type of option.

Step #4- Add your option set

Once you have your options in, you will need to create a set that will display under the product information. You can add the options to either all your products or only select ones.

Save your changes, and they should now be live on the product page.

Step #5- Optional: Brand your options widget

If you want to match the widget that shows your customers the options with the same look and feel of your store, you can go to “General Settings” then “Display Settings.” Here you can update the colors and fonts of your widget.

Once you have everything set, save and view how it looks on the product page.

Watch this Tutorial

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