How to Create Product Bundles on Shopify with the BYOB App

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Want to boost your Shopify store’s sales by offering custom bundles? This tutorial walks you through setting up your first Shopify bundle in minutes! From mix-and-match to build-a-box options, discover how to set your bundles’ bulk pricing, dynamic pricing, and even subscriptions.  

Why add product bundles to your store?

Product bundling is a strategic approach to marketing your products that can increase your average order value and get visibility on products that may be new or not sold as often. By allowing your customers to mix and match products, you allow them to choose the products that give them a higher perceived value and better reviews.

Video Chapters

0:00 – Shopify Tutorial Introduction

0:25 – Install BYOB App Shopify

2:34 – Create Product Bundle Shopify

BYOB Shopify App Image
BYOB- Build your own bundles Shopify app

BYOB App Features

  • Creates custom product bundles pages 
  • Bundle products inventory is sync to your product inventory
  • Bundle types
    • Build a box
    • Custom bundles
    • Digital products
    • Gift boxes
    • Mix-and-match bundles
    • Physical products
    • Subscription boxes
    • Upsell bundles
    • Variant bundles
  • Pricing you can set: 
    • Bulk pricing
    • Custom pricing
    • Discounts
    • Dynamic pricing
    • Fixed pricing
    • Percentage discounts
    • Subscriptions
    • Tiered pricing

BYOB App Pricing

BYOB Shopify App Pricing | April 2024

That’s how to create product bundles on Shopify! 

The setup process for the BYOB app seems straightforward, but I’d like to hear from the community. Did you encounter any hurdles while adding the app blocks to your theme, and how did you resolve them?

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