How to Make a Linktree-Like Landing Page with Squarespace

If you use Instagram for business, you must know the pain of having one place to add a link for all your traffic to go to. It may be troublesome to have multiple items to promote on your feed. Oftentimes, the quick fix is to go ahead and get a third-party app to create a page with multiple links. Well, most give you basic analytics and run between $5-9 a month which if you aren’t converting your customers from Instagram can mean your loss.

I wrote a post on “Why you should dump Linktree” where I broke down the not-so-nice pieces of Linktree; if you’re searching for an alternative, then look no further than your own website. 

This can be completed across the board, but this post will go over how to create a Link-Tree Landing Page with Squarespace, a Squarespace subscription is the only requirement for this.


First, create a new page on your Squarespace site in the “Unlisted” Section with a “blank” layout.

Once you have added your page, you can name it as “Learn more” or “Click here”. This is the URL that your visitors will see: https://yourdomain/click-here

Next, the page will open up for you to begin editing. Since you wouldn’t be restricted on what this page can hold, you may add anything on your landing page. A small introduction to your page is recommended to let new visitors know who you are and what you can offer. Should you want to create sections for your links, simply add text boxes before the button blocks. 

To make your page mobile-friendly, center everything on this page, to ensure its viewed great across devices since Instagram is a mobile-first platform in the first place.

You may continue stacking the blocks until you have the links you desire on your landing page for your promotions on Instagram. Once you have completed your page, simply add it to your social profile links to start driving traffic to your new social landing page.  

Here’s the complete video walkthrough for you:  

That’s it! You now have a beautiful social-landing page for you to expand the use of that one link limit on the Instagram platform. Got any question? Drop it below!

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