How to Use LinkPop by Shopify | Shopify Tools 2022

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Introducing Shopify’s newest tool: LinkPop

LinkPop is an all-in-one Shoppable Link in bio tool released last month. It is entirely free to use without a Shopify subscription to share your product links, video links, etc.
If you are a Shopify subscriber, you can directly embed your products on your Link Pop page, allowing your customers to checkout without leaving the page.

Ready to get started with your Shopify Store?

Like other link in bio tools, you will be given a unique URL to share on your social pages to drive traffic. They have also added in-depth analytics to see how each link performs, including sales for your listed products.

How to Use LinkPop

Linkpop Shopify Examples 2022

How to use LinkPop

Do you think Linkpop will help to increase sales for your shop? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below

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