How to use Square Gift Cards

Offering different payment options to your customers is crucial to not losing out on sales. Allowing your customers to buy gift cards to give to their loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers provides your business with word-of-mouth marketing that will get you paid before they even step foot in your establishment. With Square gift cards, you have the option of selling eCards immediately and ordering plastic gift cards starting at $40. In the gift card editor, you are able to choose the images that you would like displayed on your gift cards and even add in your own branded images. You are able to track each gift card that is sold from your dashboard. Your customers can also split payment during purchasing. Square eGift cards are free to use with your Square account, so there is no barrier to get started selling. 

What is Square?

Square is a flexible business solution tool that works with different portions of your business like an online store, POS system, and payment processing. You can learn more about the platform here

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