How to Use Square Marketing

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Every business big or small needs to connect with its customers. Square makes it easy by using Square MarketingSquare Marketing is broken into four different campaigns: email, text, Facebook, and receipt campaigns.The marketing dashboard holds all of your marketing campaigns that you will create to track the performance and conversions of your multichannel marketing. 

What is Square?

 Square is a flexible business solution that works with different portions of your business like an online store, POS system, and payment processing. You can learn more about the platform here.


Square Marketing Pricing

Square Marketing uses subscription-based pricing based on the number of subscribers in your customer directory that have opted in to receive marketing messages from you.Email:0-500 contacts is $15/month501-1,000 contacts is $25/month1,000-2,000 contacts is $35/ monthFor accounts with more than 2,000 customers, you can find pricing hereText message: pricing for SMS messaging includes a monthly subscription of $10.  If you use email marketing, the $10 is waived for the text message subscription.

  • 1-250 messages are $10
  • 251-500 messages are $15
  • 501-1000 messages are $25
  • 1001-5000 messages are $50
  • 5001-15000 messages are $80
  • 15001-25000 messages are $125

For accounts with more than 25,000 messages, you can view pricing here


Square Marketing: Email

Email campaigns are the most popular way to reach your customers with new promotions, updates, and automated campaigns.With every subscription, you are able to send unlimited emails and automated emails based on your customer. You can also collect emails and manage them with your integrated customer directory.When creating emails, Square has segmented one-time campaigns that you can get started withFor targeting your best customers:

  • Update your top spenders
  • Reward frequent visitors
  • Engage with active customers
  • Update your loyalty subscribers

For promoting sales/visits:

  • Offer a coupon
  • Promote eGift cards
  • Collect payment or donation

For updating and engaging with your subscribers:

  • Send a quick update
  • Create a newsletter
  • Send an invite to an event
  • Share a COVID-19 update

To drive eCommerce sales:

  • Promote your online store
  • Drive online orders

You can set up automated emails  once and they will automatically send as subscribers meet the following requirements:

  • Recover an abandoned cart
  • Bring back lapsed customers
  • Wish a customer a happy birthday
  • Get Facebook reviews
  • Remind about a nearing loyalty reward
  • Remind about available rewards
  • Celebrate customers\’ loyalty anniversary

See the email campaigns in action: Watch here


Square Marketing: Text Message

A  recent way of marketing is text messaging (or SMS messaging) This allows you to send campaigns to your customers. Text campaigns can be scheduled, sent automatically, or sent right after they are created.Unlike email messaging, each text is counted into your monthly fee rather than the number of subscribers on your customer list.See the text messaging campaigns in action: Watch here


Square Marketing: Facebook

For social media marketing from your Square dashboard, you are able to send campaigns to your Facebook business page. They are similar to the email campaigns, but they post to your FB page:

  • Offer a coupon with a short message
  • Send an event invitation
  • Promote sales for eGift cards
  • Announce new products or services

Square Marketing: Receipt

Another way to market your business with Square is by customizing digital receipt messages that are geared toward a goal. You have 4 options:

  1. Offer a coupon
    • Create campaigns geared toward your customers that make orders with a quick discount that can be applied immediately
  2. Send a quick update
    • You can send a short message to your customers on updated hours, upcoming sales, holidays, and more. These messages can have external links, a max of 55 characters in the headline, and 21 characters for the call to action.
  3. Promote eGift cards
    • When you sell gift cards in-store or online, you can set a call to action to increase eGift card sale
  4. Send an event invite
    • If you are hosting an event, you can link upcoming events that allow your customers to view the details

[Watch] How to use Square Marketing

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