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Are you looking for an online event solution that allows you to host engaging live events without breaking the bank?

Run the World may be the solution for you!

Run the World is a browser-based virtual event solution that allows you to host conferences, talks, networking, or happy hours with your audience. In looking for a non-techie solution for a client looking to host their first-ever summit and didn’t want to be intimidated with the tech- enter in Run The World.

Initial thoughts

When I came across the platform, I was initially impressed with the available features of the platform’s free plan. You usually see a cap on the number of attendees or events, but Run The World gives you the ability to have 50 free attendees and an unlimited number of paid attendees. However, you pay a fee of 15% with each ticket sale for the free plan, but as you move to a paid plan, you can lower that cost. For some, this may seem like a lot, but if you look at the fees of Eventbrite and the monthly payments of similar products, you are getting a deal, especially if you don\’t hold events every month or week to cover the monthly cost.


Run The World has taken all the \”issues\” of Zoom and made a real feature pack platform ?. You can chat with your attendees ensuring they don\’t miss out on the event, and you can have \”roundtable\” discussions, add Calls to action, use music to introduce your guests, and stream live to Youtube and Facebook. And all of these are included in the free plan.

If you are worried about the mobile vs. desktop experience, it is seamless. No matter the device your attendees are using, they will all have the same experience across the board.


There are two main pricing options: free and pro. As stated earlier, the free plan does give you a lot of wiggle room with getting started or hosting rare events. If you plan to start with live events/webinars/training, this may be a solid solution without immediately moving to the paid plan.

You can have up to 50 free attendees, unlimited events & paid ticket registrations (+15% ticket fee), one session per event, and access to the cocktail party function.

Once you upgrade to the pro plan, your free registrations increase to 500; you can have three sessions per event and the ability to download attendee info and recordings for $79/month. Then if you require more, you can contact them for a business plan which gives you custom branding, advanced analytics, and more.

Watch the in-depth review:

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to start hosting (paid or free) events without breaking the bank. It covers all the essential features needed, plus some amazing ones that are usually behind a paywall. Easy to navigate and set up without having to hire someone to get it running for you. Plus, it has room to scale as you have more events, so you don’t have to learn a new tool in the future.


Ready to get started?

Check out Run The World and get started with a free plan to try it out for yourself.

Get Started with Run The World

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