Services you didn’t know Printful provided

If you have read one of the Printful blogs in this series, you have learned about print-on-demand, how to do it using the print-on-demand provider Printful, and even how much it costs to run your very own shop. If you missed these, then catch up here.

Now, Printful is not a one-trick pony. Yes, it takes care of your print-on-demand needs, but it also provides many other services to help you build the best print-on-demand shop you could have. We are going to jump into some of the services you probably didn’t know that Printful provides.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Whether you plan on building a full brand using Printful or using it for a “set it and forget it” shop if you have other products, or customizing the packaging experience, Printful’s got you covered. It has a warehouse & fulfillment service which allows you to ship your products to your customers. This provider stores them and when you receive an order for an item, it is shipped out under your very brand. This is great for shops who sell both Printful and non-Printful items, and who are looking to have fulfillment & shipping outsourced. 

When you move into warehouse & fulfillment, you do have some additional costs: picking fee (per item in the order), fulfillment fee (each package containing an item from the warehouse), and storage fees. Some are flat rate prices such as fulfillment fee ($2.00), picking fee ($0.95), and storage fees ranging from $0.75-$1.65 per cubic foot with a monthly minimum of $25. 

It accepts a wide range of items; the only restrictions are perishable goods, items with dimensions larger than 15x15x10, and products worth more than $750. 

Ideally, once you receive an order with Printful & non-Printful items, the order will be synced to Printful which fulfills and ships it out under your brand. That’s it! Another part of your business just got automated.

White Label Services

One feature that I absolutely love from Printful is the white label and branding services. With this, you may build a fully branded print-on-demand shop without outrageous pricing. With items, you may brand different portions. For instance with t-shirts, you may add your logo to the inside label, outside label, short sleeve, long sleeve, and embroidered logo.

When in the editing process, you may see the different places you may add your brand to. And once it’s set, your fully branded product is now in the hands of your valued customers.

Adding your brand to products gives additional cost to your total product price as listed here: 

  • Inside label: $2.49 per label

  • Outside label: $2.49 per label

  • Short sleeve print: $2.49 per label

  • Long sleeve print: $5.95 per sleeve

  • Embroidered logo: $2.95 per additional placement

Read more on branding & white label services here.

Bulk Order Discounts

If you plan to host an event or sell some of your Printful items in person, you may order bulk quantities of 25. The great part is they can be all different colors, designs, and sizes. You receive a discount on every order with 25 of the same pieces, and if you need more than 25, you receive a discount on the more you order. 

For example, if you order 25-49 t-shirts, you receive an 8% discount; if 50-74, 12% discount, and if 75-99, 18% discount and so on. 

This is great for events, fundraisers, parties, and vendor opportunities to have your products on hand to sell by allowing potential customers to see how the products actually look when they purchase. Here’s a plus; you may get the different styles, colors, sizes, and designs of your products for your photoshoots and giveaways.

Graphic Design Services

Let’s say you have a shop filled with your designs, but you are looking for a more custom design you can’t create on your own. You don’t have to worry about shopping around on Fivver or Facebook to find someone available to create this design for you as Printful readily offers graphic design services. 

It’s a double plus because your design is ensured print-ready, so you skip the step of having to ensure it looks great on your various products.

Printful creates logos, branding packages, stationery, large format items, home goods, promotional, and digital designs. You may hire to edit your existing designs and designs for other platforms such as Kickstarter. You don’t need an existing Printful shop to take advantage of these services either.

Learn more about Printful’s graphic design services here.

E-Commerce Photography Services

Product photos are one of the top factors that help move potential customers to convert as this allows them to see how the product actually looks like. Printful makes sure your product photos are top-notch. Even with high-resolution mockups, nothing beats seeing your products as they actually are. 

Think about the stores you shop with. Often, they have multiple images that showcase models with different body types, so when customers look at one of your products, they get to view how it looks on someone, naturally helping in making the decision to purchase. 

You have 4 options for your product photos:

  • Basic product photos

  • Advanced product photos 

  • Model in studio

  • Model on location 

Ready to get your branded photos with Printful? Get started here.

Video Production Services

Much like the photography services, product videos can be made for you. Videos add another creative element to help encourage potential customers to purchase from your shop. And with Printful, it is your actual products being created and modeled. You choose the video type (product, production, and showcase), which category of products you would like to have in your video, and the number of videos. Once you create your products, you’re ready to get started with video production services.

Ready to get started? Request your video services here.

Store Setup Services

One of the hassles of getting started with Printful is taking the first step and creating the shop. If you are not much of a non-technical person, Printful gives you the option to get your shop set up for customers without having to lift a finger. Setting up your platform, branding your themes/shop, adding your Printful products (and other products you sell) and making sure everything is in place to start selling are all taken care of in this very platform. 

Before getting started with the store setup services, you should think about some items such as:

  • What products would you like to sell in your shop?

  • How do you want your shop to appear? Include some examples to provide a good idea of what you want.

  • Do you have a color scheme, logo, or anything to help with the setup of your shop?

  • If you have existing product photos, you may gather them also.

By completing these items, you may proceed with the application to go forward with your store setup.

Ready to get started? Complete the application!

This wraps up the roundup of Printful and its many services outside of plain ol’ print-on-demand. They provide a full suite of services designed to help you get your shop up and running.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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