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If you are thinking about getting started with Shopify, one thing that you want to check before making the switch is the cost. Shopify is affordable and has multiple plans for you to get started with based on the needs of your business.

No matter the plan you start with you receive a 14-day trial for your new store, with the 14-days you are able to set up and navigate your Shopify store before starting a subscription. You are able to launch your shop before the 14-day trial is over, but you will still need to choose a plan and add your credit card before the trial ends.

You have 4 plans that you can choose from for your new Shopify store:

Shopify LiteThis plan gives you everything that Shopify offers minus the Online store, you instead have access to Shopify buy buttons that you can use to sell on your existing website, email campaigns and social media.

Basic ShopifyThis is the most common starting point for new store owners, it gives you everything you need to get started without a huge monthly bill. 

Shopify If you are a growing business that requires 3 or more staff accounts, then this is the plan for you. 

Advanced ShopifyThis is the last plan with Shopify before you move to the enterprise-based Shopify Plus.

The 4 plans have most features in common with differences with the amount of staff accounts you can have, amount of discounts with Shopify shipping and payment processing fees. 


Here’s a video overview of Shopify plans:


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