Square Tools for Service Providers

Using Square as a Service Provider makes business easier

As a professional service provider, it is imperative to equip yourself with the right resources to effectively manage your operations. Square offers a comprehensive suite of tools that are tailored to streamline your services and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you are a tutor, personal trainer, therapist, or any other service provider, Square’s solutions are geared toward optimizing your business and boosting your profitability.

In this blog, we highlight tools specifically formulated to cater to the needs of service providers. From appointment scheduling and online booking to invoicing and payment processing, Square’s arsenal of tools empowers you with the efficiency and flexibility needed to run your business effectively.


Square Appointments is an all-in-one booking software for your business, it can be used mobile or on a fixed POS system. As a service provider, it works as an additional employee to receive your appointment requests, essential information, and deposits for the service.

Using Square appointments, you not only have a way to book your clients, but you are able to:

  • Utilize Square messaging so you can message your customers directly from one place
  • Track time and bill via Invoices
  • Automatically create customer profiles where you can store information for each
  • Attach contracts and files to ensure no step is missed from your on-boarding or off-boarding
  • Sell services and products on Instagram
  • Offer After-pay for your services
  • Utilize the Square appointment apps on the go
  • Sell gift cards


Square Invoices is a built-in system to bill your customers and clients for services and products with

By using invoices, you are able to:

  • Create invoices on the go and from desktop
  • Send unlimited invoices (one-time/recurring) and estimates
  • Allow your customers to save cards
  • Send scheduled payment reminders to your customers
  • Send digital receipts with paid invoices
  • Take payments and record cash payments
  • Send digital contacts for e-signature and save to client profile


Square contracts are designed specifically for small businesses using the Square platform. They are simple, easy to use, and affordable, making them an excellent option for companies with limited resources. They are typically used for simple agreements, such as vendor contracts, service contracts, and employment agreements, but they can also be used for more complex agreements.

One popular way to use contracts is to outline agreements, policies, obligations, and requirements for all parties involved to get more leverage when challenging costly payment disputes.

Contracts can be attached to appointments and invoices and sent as a standalone for any customer with an email address.

Square has invoice templates to help you get started: Templates for contacts


Square has been known for payment processing for years, they have a square card reader that can be plugged into a headphone jack or charger port to take payments on your phone and tablet.

They have added to their payment terminals adding the POS stand, iPad stand, terminal, and register.  If you are looking to accept payments digitally, you can:

  • Take payments with the virtual terminal using a browser
  • Accept Afterpay on invoices, appointments, and online
  • Sell products/services via Square online

All payments funnel into your “transactions” dashboard, and all monies can be accessed through the Square balance within an hour of paid transactions.


Square subscriptions allow you to create a predictable revenue stream when it comes to your services. Using subscriptions you can create custom packages and send payment links to customers.

Subscriptions are free to use with a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢.


Using the customer directory, you are able to send messages to current and previous customers. This is great for communicating with clients on your way to an appointment or on follow-up. All messages are kept in the customer’s profile and sent via SMS and email. It can also be used for your customers to reach you or your employees  

Utilizing the customer directory offers a valuable opportunity to efficiently send messages to current and previous clients, streamlining communication during appointments and follow-up interactions. The customer directory stores all communications in the recipient’s profile and sends them via SMS and email, ensuring maximum convenience and accessibility. This tool can also serve as a key asset in facilitating client connections with you or your team members.

Customer Directory

Keeping your customers in one place with a detailed record of the services that they booked previously, contracts signed and payments make customer management easy.

It holds every transaction, message, appointment, and subscription and interacts with every Square product including loyalty.


Payroll with Square is simplified allowing you to track and pay your employees, it takes care of  your tax fillings and w-2 employee benefits. You can pay W-2 employees and contractors from the same payroll system to direct deposit (same-day), via Cash app, or via paper check.

Square Payroll pricing is based on the type of employee you are paying, for W-2 employees it\’s $35/month + $5 monthly for each person paid. For 1099 employees, it’s a flat $5 a month per person paid which gives you unlimited pay runs per month and free seasonal inactivity with no commitment.

Square\’s tools for small businesses make it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their finances, payments, and payroll. With features like instant deposits, customizable invoices, and easy-to-use point-of-sale systems, Square offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for small business owners. As more and more businesses shift to online and contactless transactions, Square\’s digital tools can help businesses stay competitive and adapt to changing consumer preferences. Overall, Square is a valuable resource for small businesses looking to streamline their operations and grow their bottom line.

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