Taking your In-Person biz to Online : Surviving through 2020

No matter where you are in the world, you probably have found a part of your daily life compromised due to the restrictions on just about everything. As we learn each day a different change that is taking place to protect us and stop the spread of the coronavirus

During this time of uncertainty, one thing that has remained through every update is that you have a business to run and with the closings and quarantines more businesses are being forced to close or provide alternative services.

If you are a service-based business or provide face to face services such as workout instructors, personal trainers, shop owners and many other types of businesses, you may have seen a decline in foot traffic, rescheduled/canceled appointments or the place that you rent space from are taking precautions and closing for some time.

I wanted to take some time and give some free resources and ideas for transitioning your business online without panic or loss of income. This post will be updated moving forward for any business types I may miss, be sure to leave a comment so I can include you also.


When transitioning your business online there are some things that you should do overall no matter the type of business you have:

  1. If you don’t have an email list, create one right now take your existing clients/ customers and put them into your email list. You can get started with an email marketing provider for free with lists less than 1,000 on many platforms.

    Resources: Mailchimp | SendFox

  2. Market your business through social media and video content

  3. Find passive income sources that will continue to pay even when you don’t show up

  4. Be fluid in this season

Let’s get started:


This is the group of businesses that were immediately affected by the uprise of Coronavirus, but you have the best advantage now. If you hosted live in-person classes or workout sessions, you are familiar with being in front of your audience, take that same energy and put it toward recorded videos. Your latest workout that you were preparing to teach? Record it. If you do the workout with equipment, create an alternative workout that can use household items. 

Record workouts that you do with your children as most children will be out of school, get it all recorded, add it to a Google Drive folder ($1.99 for 30GB of Storage), upload the videos to a streaming platform such as Youtube (add it as Unlisted). 

Using Teachable (free plan), you can create a “school” where your subscription will live. This allows you to keep your content updated and not have to worry about keeping track of payments. 

Be sure to set your pricing to a subscription

Once you launch your membership, you are ready to share it with your current email list, current subscribers and social media to help bring in other customers who are looking for your services but can’t currently access it. An added extra you can host “live classes” with Youtube live and stream into your Teachable membership. 

Don’t forget about the accountability portion or even one-on-one sessions you can do live with Google Hangouts (free)

Transition time – content creation= 1 Hour


One way to transition to the online front is to start an online store with Shopify, Shopify is a platform that you can use to build a presence online but at this moment we are looking to keep engaging with your current customers and bring in new through your regular efforts. 

Before you roll your eyes it’s definitely possible to get this up and rolling within a couple of days and since you are already in your store get it done.

Start by taking your current inventory log it into a spreadsheet with the product information, take out your camera/ phone and start taking photos. Use a white sheet or even your wall at your shop to take photos of your products, use natural light and make sure your product image isn’t blurry.

Once you complete inventory, start your Shopify store trial (If you would like a no-fee store for your first 40 order, send me an email at admin@jesstechpreneur.com). Take my course “Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 hour” and fly through your setup in an hour. 

Send an email to your current customers and let them know they can keep safe and shop online for your products.

Think about hosting a live shopping event where you showcase some of your items for sale with a link to your online shop. 

Extras: Set up your loyalty program as an incentive to online shopping transition, bundle some of your products and utilize email marketing until your doors are back open. 

 Transition time – product imaging = 1 Hour


This goes hand and hand with the personal trainers’ section that is above if you provide nutrition or prepare food for customers who are looking to build a healthy lifestyle. Taking the membership view, you can build your recipes/meal plans for your customers. Focus on the teaching portion of your profession, teach them how to create healthy meals for them and their family so that they don’t worry about falling off the handle while being unable to come to you. You can use Teachable to go ahead and build it out using videos of you preparing foods (all you need is a tripod and your camera), include grocery lists and even accountability sessions live on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

You have the ability to have one-on-one video consults and training sessions virtually, set up your appointment software (Acuity or Calendly) to take new appointments/ payments and share with your customers and potential customers.

Transition time – content creation = 1 Hour

Let me know in the comments if you are looking for a solution for your business ↓↓

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