Learning the Shopify Platform |FREE Masterclass

Learning the Shopify Platform |FREE Masterclass

March 7, 2024

Have you thought about starting an e-commerce shop on Shopify, started a trial, and thought what now?

Then, this is the masterclass for you! This free masterclass is for new or aspiring Shopify store owners looking to learn how to run and maximize their Shopify store. Understanding how the platform works, what you need to do before launching, and learning the basics give you a leg up to miss many of the issues, some store owners have when they don’t care about the basics first.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:10 What is Shopify
00:04:32 Shopify Plans | What plan do I need?
00:08:53 Shopify Dashboard Overview
00:10:32 Shopify Order Management
00:11:14 Creating a Draft Order in Shopify
00:12:26 Shopify Shipping Labels
00:12:47 Abandoned Checkouts in Shopify Orders
00:13:58 How to add a product to Shopify
00:21:06 Creating Automatic and Manual Collections
00:23:32 Shopify Inventory
00:25:09 How to add and Use Gift Cards to your Shopify store
00:27:01 Creating Shopify Catalogs for Shopify Plus Users
00:28:19 Customer Management on Shopify
00:28:56 Shopify Marketing Segments
00:30:07 B2B companies for Shopify Plus
00:32:05 Using Shopify Files in your CSV file upload
00:34:15 Shopify Analytics
00:38:03 Shopify Automation Template
00:38:42 Using Shopify Discounts
00:41:56 Shopify Themes and Theme Store
00:46:54 Editing a Shopify 2.0 Theme Basics
00:47:48 Shopify Starter Plan Theme
00:48:45 Shopify Online Store
00:52:51 Shopify Shop App
00:53:18 Navigating the Shopify App Store
00:56:05 Shopify Store Settings
01:12:16 Wrapup

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