Why you need a website

Every Small Business needs a website. Not “should have but Nah not really” YES YOU NEED A WEBSITE! No, it doesn’t have to be a custom-made $4,000 website. But it needs to do 3 things:

  1. Allow you to collect your money

  2. Allow you to keep your visitors updated

  3. Showcase and educate your potential customers on your brand

And these are the absolute basics, you can accomplish this with a one-page website or even a simple landing page. Just something (not thrown together) but put together strategically to accomplish a set goal or conversion.

A lot of small business owners I speak with tell me they sell solely through social media and don’t see why they need a website.

I usually bring up the following points:

  1. When you are only selling on social media you have to be present at all times. Since your audience can only buy through you, your business will never flow independently and automatically. This means you can never make money in your sleep because you have to be present in every part of your sales funnel.

  1. If Facebook. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter goes down or your page is removed and you lose your likes and followers. Having no website or email list in place for your current followers to find you in case of a page shut down or you lose access to your account results in all the hard work you did to build your following goes down the drain and you will need to start all over. (Don\’t think it will ever happen? Facebook went down last year and people lost their mind and business!) Never say never when it comes to another companies website, they have the control over what your audience sees, and your profile. Have you seen the new updates happening on Facebook this year?

  1. Using Sellify, Paypal, Etsy, Leadpages so on and so on, you are literally throwing money out the window. With monthly fees, transaction fees and no seller protection your business will quickly drain its capital. With your business spread across 10 different platforms for selling your digital products, physical products, and services it gets to be a headache.

Just because you saw Tom, Billy and Rose purchase 15 business tools and make six figures a month doesn’t mean you can do the same. You may not have the capital to risk it, you don’t even have the time to figure out how to use those 15 business tools so even if you were able to make the money, you will have to sacrifice the time and effort to get it up and running.

Be honest do you have the time?

I’ll answer for you: No, as Solopreneurs and Mompreneurs we just don’t have it. In the time it took to list your products on Amazon, Paypal, Sellify, Etsy and Jet you could have signed up for a website and pushed your website to Amazon or Ebay. With some platforms, it is as simple as a push of a button!

Now if you took half the money you would spend on the monthly fee for all those tools you will never use, you would have paid for your website 3 times over.

If you don’t know how to get started with your website or have the budget to pay for one book a FREE discovery call with me and get the help. There are so many options you can choose from, your only option isn’t to hire a website designer and dish out $$. Believe it or not, you can have a beautiful and professional website that you did yourself. Let me help 🙂 

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